H A R R I S   L A W   O F F I C E S


         For nearly 25 years, Paul Harris has been representing clients in West Virginia and throughout the country.  Having won multi-million dollar verdicts for clients, Paul brings passion and intensity seldom seen in the courtroom.  A substantial portion of Paul’s time is devoted to defending individuals falsely accused of crimes.  Paul is one of the few lawyers who will file a civil suit against the Federal Government.

          When not in the courtroom, Paul teaches American History and English History at the Lyceum Preparatory Academy, www.lyceumacademy.org, a school he founded in 2008.  He also serves as the rowing coach at the Lyceum.  Paul lives in Wheeling with his wife, Judy, and children, Morgan and William.


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Every legal matter is different.  The outcome of each legal case depends upon many factors,
 including the facts of the case, and no attorney can guarantee a positive result in any particular case.

                                               Paul J. Harris

I speak for the poor, the weak, the weary, for that long line of men, who, in darkness and despair, have borne the labors of the human race.

   - Clarence Darrow  

Paul  Harris at the boyhood home of Clarence Darrow in Kinsman, Ohio.